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Molok? Tom Fulp raising from the grave?

I understand you are from Israel. I see you have connections. I'm watching.

Was great.

Maybe get some voice actors. :) No offence.

Yea Kikoman Style. Love it.

All my stars are belong to you. Nice job.

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I think u cant go past pink?

I even tried clicking everywhere. Idk couldnt get passed it.

OpenEmotionStudios responds:

Its possible just very difficult - However we have added a link to the guide available over on our website :D

Love, Team Emotion

http://web.me.com/openemo tionstudios/site/guides.html

Not bad for first. Keep up your work.

This game has an ok concept. I think you need to think more on what the games are about. Thats my opinion. The game was ok. It needs something else.

minustwo responds:

Thanks for the review. I agree with what you said. Looking back on making it, I spent too much time with the graphics. I'm not the best artist so they took me longer than what others could do. I should have focused more on the game play.


Nice Remake. You should add more things next time you remake something. It would be a huge addition. Especially something redone so often. I like it .

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Great Track

Two thumbs up. This flows really well and it is an amazing track. Good quality. I really liked it.

This is great.

Reminds me of Goldeneye for the N64. Really nice beat. The sounds are nice and fit really well. A great piece of work indeed. Great job. A lot of other people agree.

An Amazing Piece

I really enjoy these type of deep sounding ambient tunes. They go perfect with the type of mentality I have. It is a very versatile piece however, and can be used on various scenarios and multiple themes. But what came in my mind was some duned out hummvee with a squadron of rangers on patrol in a sandy desert mountain range.
The track is very professionaly put together, if I may even say so. But the quality of the entire song is really A+ and I think it is great material to listen to or utilize in any work that has good enough content. The tune is really catchy and enjoyable. It changes enough to not get repetitive which allows for perfect menu song. I personally support your instrument choice for this piece, and it really came out amazing. Thanks.

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Came out great. Thumbs UP

Its a nice wallpaper. Maybe it will even become a poster. Best of luck in the contest. Great job.


Nice drawing. Me like

Eerie And Nice. Good Job.

Very interesting man. Im currently working on a game myself. Except mine is Flash. Your art is very good here and has a dark action theme like the type I enjoy. Best wishes on your project , and keep up the good work. Peace.

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